Kimberly White


Kimberly White was Designated to teach the Linklater Voice Method in 1993. Through her business Dynamic Voice, Kimberly leads public speaking and presentation trainings. She regularly teaches trainings for women and annually co-leads with DLT Judith Shahn a week-long workshop for women in Mexico: “Let your Voice be Heard”. Kimberly has worked with Seattle Shakespeare Company (2004-2012: Voice & Text Director), Prague, Lake Tahoe, Maryland and Sun Valley Shakespeare Festivals. She  trained, taught and has coached for the main stage at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass. Kimberly recently has focused on work with activists and advocates, specializing in persuasive speaking, witness preparation, themes and case stories. She is adjunct faculty at Seattle University School of Law where she teaches Oral Advocacy: Vocal Presence, Power & Persuasion.

She is also an actress and recently played Margaret in Seattle Shakespeare/Wooden O's production of Richard III.

United States