Tania Gonzalez Jordan


Tania was born in México City but loves to move around: she has lived in Guanajuato, Durango, Mexican border city Mexicali, Los Ángeles CA., Barcelona, and has toured her country performing and sharing with others the pleasure of voice. She studied acting at the Centro Universitario de Teatro. In 2003, she was a scholarship holder as a performer from the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes. She has been an actress in theater, radio, television and short films, and directed her first play in 2011.

She met the Linklater practice in 2006 and in 2012 became Designated Linklater Teacher.

As an actress, she has participated in more than 30 theatre productions, with renowned directors.  She has trained Comedia dell Arte and Mask work with the Laboratorio de la Máscara. For three years she was part of the theater company Carro de Comedias de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Tania is passionate about the Siglo de Oro Theatre and was part of the Grupo Poesía en Voz Alta, for more than ten years, promoting the love of reading poetry.

Since 2001 she has worked as a Vocal Coach of several productions and actors as well as teachers of both Vocal Technique and Speech, and she has been part of the teaching staff of the main acting and theatre schools in Mexico. She participated in the VASTA 2009, 2010, and 2014 conferences. She has taken seminars and classes from Kristin Linklater, Patsy Rodenburg, Arthur Lessac, Andrea Haring, Antonio Ocampo-Guzmán, among others.

At present, she is a voice and speech teacher at the Centro Universitario de Teatro of the Universidad Autónoma de México and at Ceuvoz (Centro de Estudios para el Uso de la Voz). In 2017 Los 4 Gatos company, was created by the four mexican Designated Linklater Teachers, and began with the production of Michel Marc Bouchard´s Las Musas Huérfanas, that has had a long term season which currently continues on 2020.

Mexico (Distrito Federal)