Antonella Voce



Linklater teacher designated since 2010

1995  She studies opera singing with soprano Maria Rohrmann.

In 1981 she graduates at the Laboratory of Performing Art Exercise in Rome directed by Gigi Proietti.

In Italy and abroad she works as an actress and singer in important theatre, movie and television productions.

She plays movies with the following directors:

  • Dino Risi in Il Commissario Lo Gatto with Lino Banfi;
  • Franco Zeffirelli in Othello with Domingo and Ricciarelli.

She works in theatre with Patroni Griffi in Six Characters in Search of an Author with Giulio Bosetti and Lina Sastri; in Trieste with Gino Landi in the operetta Sissy;  with Giancarlo Sepe in several shows including Dancing, dancing and Oscar Wildes fables; in Rome and New York with Alessandro Fabrizi in Aminta by Tasso.

She works with many other directors and actors, such as: Ugo Gregoretti, Silvano Bussotti, Claudio Carafoli, Milva, Mario Scaccia, Miranda Martino.

She collaborates with Dancing and Entertainment Company in Rome by Mimma Testa and directed by Stefanella Testa.

She records some soundtracks for national and international dancing companies, music master:  Mario Schiavoni.

She lately works in the contemporary music field with Master Fausto Razzi in some concerts in Italy.

2010 She qualified as Linklater teacher, the natural voice liberation method.

2011 In Ravenna she took part to the VIIth Congress of Logopedics and Phoniatrics The Artistic Voice organized by Dr. Franco Fussi.

She actually works as a Linklater teacher in various theatre Schools in Rome.