Alessia Di Pasquale


Alessia Di Pasquale (accredited since 2017)

Acting coach, director, actress. She obtained summa cum laude distinction in her Masters degree in Dynamics of vocal expression: the Linklater method from the La Sapienza University of Rome, following her degree from the Accademia Teatrale Europea I.T.E in Rome and a degree summa cum laude in Theatre and Photography Critique from the Tor Vergata, University of Rome. 

During the course of her studies she has studied with International teachers and their methods; studying interpretation with Jan Peszek and Blazej Peszek at the Tczewskiego Domu kultury in Poland, mime with Marcel Marceau, Sara Mangano and Pier Yves Massipe, and vocal motion with Jacek Ludwing Scarso (London Metropolitan University). In 2009, she encountered the Linklater method, which she studied and perfected with Kristin Linklater, Margarete Assmuth and Alessandro Fabrizi. Of great value in her learning process were also the study of; movement and clown with Merry Conway, of dancing with Giorgio Rossi, of body-mind centering (BMC) with Gloria Desideri, the Alexander technique with Paolo Frigoli, and the Feldenkrais method with Marco Angelilli.  

In 2003, she won the Gemino doro Prize as Best Actress  at the  Romateatrofestival.

In 2004, she began to actively teach Interpretation, Voice and Elocution in various training facilities, until in 2008, she established her own acting school TeatroinTesta. This is currently active, offering courses that range from basics to support for professionals. As an acting coach, she has worked over the years with theatre and cinema actors, such as Carlo Delle Piane, Serena Autieri, Francesco Montanari, Alessandro Haber, Giorgio Colangeli, Imma Piro, Pascal Zullino, Marcello Mazzarella, AnnaRita Del Piano.

Alongside her activities as a teacher and coach, she has also worked as an actress, in voiceover and as a director, personally overseeing the writing and rearrangement of texts to be put on stage.