Liz Eckert


In her coaching, Liz looks for the unique qualities her clients already possess and listens for ways to help them channel that into their voice with intention, conviction, and emotional connection.

Liz has recently relocated to London after teaching in New York City for over ten years. Most recently, she was the Head of Voice and Speech at Maggie Flanigan Studio, a two-year Meisner actor training program. She has also taught at Fordham University, HB Studios, The New York City Student Shakespeare Festival, and the Linklater Center for Voice and Language. Liz delivered the voice component for Queens Theatre’s Theatre for All, a professional training program for actors with disabilities, and is committed to equitable access to actor training. She co-founded Beyond Fluency with ESL instructor Katya Pronin to help non-native English speakers enrich their self-expression by engaging with language physically, musically and sensorially. Liz has led public speaking workshops at Columbia Business School and facilitated role-play leadership training modules with React: Acting for Business.

A member of Actor’s Equity, Liz has performed on stages in the US and other parts of the globe. She earned her MFA in Acting at Columbia University School of the Arts, where she first encountered the voice work with Kristin Linklater and Andrea Haring.

United Kingdom