Midori Nakamura


Midori began her professional acting career working on Jerzy Grotowski’s Focused Research Project in Objective Drama, as part of a nine-person team—with eight men. She has worked in film, TV, on Broadway, Off-Broadway, for Shakespeare in the Park, at the Kennedy Center, at the RSC, and in regional theater. She has worked with George C. Wolfe (three times), Philip Seymour Hoffman (three times), Alec Baldwin (two times).

Other actors Midori has worked with include: Karen Allen, Angela Bassett, Anthony Hopkins, Del Close, Michael C. Hall, Patrick Stewart, Bill Irwin, Kim Cattrall, Jennifer Anniston, Liev Schrieber, Keanu Reeves. Other directors Midori has worked with include: Lena Dunham, Barry Levenson, Peter Sellars, Nicholas Hytner, Austin Pendleton, James Lapine.

Midori co-directed, co-produced, and co-edited T'an Bakhtale, a documentary about the Russian Roma, which received awards from the American Association of Anthropology and the Royal Anthropological Institute. She recently was assistant to Karen Allen in her directorial debut, A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud. She teaches acting and is a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher. 

United States