Peter Rouffaer


Peter Rouffaer is an actor and voice teacher.

He lives currently in Belgium

He got a master of acting at the conservatorium of Brussels in 1982 and worked since then until now in different companies in Belgium, France and the Netherlands and his roles vary from major roles in Shakespeare , the ancient Greeks to modern theatre. For the moment he is active as television and film actor . He was seen the last 10 years in Flanders most popular soap: Thuis where he played the role of Dr. Geert.

He has been formed as a voice teacher by Kristin Linklater in the late seventies at Shakespeare and Co and during different workshops in Belgium and the U.S.

During the eighties he worked also a lot with The Roy Hart voice training centre in France where he especially worked with Enrique Pardo, with whom he performed.

He also became an associate Fitzmaurice voice teacher in 2006.

His career as a voice teacher started in 1982 at the conservatorium off Brussels where he teached until 1992. During that time he also worked as a voice teacher in the conservatorium off Liege, Belgium

From 1993 and until 2011 he was head off the voice and speech department at the conservatorium of Ghent, Belgium.

He is now retired as a voice teacher but still gives voice training on different levels for actors, singers and laypeople.

Telnr.: 0032476431713
Adress: Molenstraat 23, 3051, Sint Joris Weert, Belgium