Adele Cabot


Adele Cabot

Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, 1998 

MFA in Acting from Brooklyn College, CUNY

Present: Founder and Primary Teacher at LAvoiceJOY, The Voice, Speech, and Acting Connectionin Los Angeles where she coaches privately, and teaches ongoing classes in Voice and Text. On-set coaching.

Coaching for actors: Freeing the Natural Voice: Expanding vocal range, connecting authentic self, impulse, emotion, and thought to voice, application to text, finding power and presence, audition preparation, consultations for Biopics, actors moving from film/TV to stage, General American (Neutral American) Accent, all American regional accents, UK and other European accents, etc.

Coaching for other professions: Adele has also coached Grammy related speeches, writers and directors for pitching creative ideas, business people for presentations, CEOs for state-of-the business talks before entire company, for TED talks, lawyers for court room, numerous people for job interviews, fundraising speeches.

Adele works with all levels from beginners to established actors for the Broadway stage, television, films, and on-set. She taught in major US actor training programs for 14 years including UCLA, School of Theatre, Film, & Television (7 years), University of Maryland, College Park (5 years) and Cal State, Northridge (2 years). In 2010 she was named one of the top voice coaches in Los Angeles by Hollywood Weekly. Ms. Cabot was The Voice and Speech Consultant at Arena Stage in Washington, DC for 5 years and has taught at Shakespeares Globe in London, England; Shanghai Theatre School in China; Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, MA; and in L.A. at The Broad Stage, The Kirk Douglas Theatre, and more. She appeared as a voice expert on ABCs Dr. Phil Show in conjunction with their Dr. Phils Housewives series. Her review of The Kings Speech appeared in the June 2011 issue of Psychological Perspectives Journal (Journal of Jungian thought)

In 2008, Adele founded LAvoiceJOY, LLC in Los Angeles, which is her studio for voice, acting, speech, and dialects where she teaches on-going classes and offers private coaching.

Adele trains Linklater Voice Teacher Trainees.

United States