Voice Ditty...


The Progression Ditty

Kristin performs a her 'Voice Ditty' of The Progression Ditty

(Audio - Voice only) Enjoy. Please click on the image.


Spine aligned     Now I find     My body-mind

A soundless sigh

Don't ask why

Then sign with sound

From the ground

Lips hum

Bones thrum

Shake them loose


Stretch and yawn

As if new-born

Shake the jaw -

Loose - it's the law!

Soft palate and tongue - 

There are notes to be sung

Then - the resonators

Chest, mouth, teeth vibrators 

Call out "Hey, bro!"

Swing a rainbow

The ribs get a stretch

(please don't kvetch!)

We visit the sinus

More or less - plus or minus 

Then nasal and skull - 

Range is not dull

Three octaves expression

Will make an impression

Lips and tongue start to play

Once again - a new day! 

My voice is free!

Rejoice! It's Me!!

What's next?

Oh yes - the text.

Learn it by heart - 

That's the start of the art

Ask why and who

6 questions will do

Where, how, when,

WHY, WHY - and then -

The 5 essential P's

I know about these

I am being

I am seeing 

I'm transforming

Not performing


Please don't laughski)

I will practise

And I'll act this

I'll say

And I'll pray

This litany each day

Know it

Don't show it 

Don't spill it

You'll kill it

(While you're about it

You could, just once, shout it)

Then - contain it

Maintain it

Don't explain it

Believe it

And breathe it

Feel it

Reveal it.

I'll say

And pray

This prayer

Each day     To crack this     I must practise


Kristin Linklater