"Unbecoming" Performance & Workshop

On Sunday 18 September, The Kristin Linklater Voice Centre will be hosting, "Unbecoming"  a solo work by Anna Porubcansky, presented by Company of Wolves. 

"Unbecoming" is a performance about loss and rage, told by a woman and a mother. Rage, at all we become when we don’t have a choice. Loss, of all we haven’t become. And how we unbecome.

Using traditional song, soundscape, myth and movement, "Unbecoming" is a dreamworld, a rich and sublime space where image, memory, desire and fear all reside. Watch a woman unravel, layer upon layer stripped away; a human, unmasked. How much of what we are is what we’ve chosen to be?


“genuinely powerful … a captivating portrait of a woman caught in the dissonance of contradictory desires” -The List


“Anna Porubcansky’s… looping and overlaying of recorded layers and real-time vocalisings echoed the complex layers of a woman caught in a swithering vortex of choices and desires” – The Herald


“This performance began as an attempt for me to understand my own emotional responses to becoming a mother. Becoming a mother tore every shred of who I thought I was away from me. I got lost in a vortex of conflicting emotion, demands, and responsibilities so much bigger than myself. It made me question who I am as a woman. Who I was as a girl. What I’ve lost and gained along the way. I needed to have all of that taken away in order to start understanding what I was missing.” - Anna Porubcansky

To book your tickets go to https://shop.linklatervoice.com/product/unbecoming/



Following the performance of "Unbecoming" – Anna Porubcansky will be holding a workshop on Monday 19 September at the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre.



"These workshops will draw on Anna Porubcansky's extensive training in movement, voice and creative practices to give participants from all backgrounds an opportunity to come back to themselves: their own bodies, their own breath, their own sound. Singing together, the groups will explore the relationship between memory, song, body, and desire, and will offer participants an experience of togetherness, collective creativity, and emotional catharsis - a necessary re-connection after the years of pandemic"


The workshop is free to attend, tea and coffee will be provided for participants, and pre-booking is essential.

To reserve your place go to https://shop.linklatervoice.com/product/unbecoming-workshop/