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We thought you might like this exciting 'Pure Movement' workshop with Jackie Snow!

Run by our friends ALRA North, this one day workshop is on 31st March 2019. 


'Jackie Snow is a choreographer, movement director and teacher of actors. For over two decades she has been training actors for both the stage and screen. She specialises in movement, acrobatics and historical dance.' (ALRA 2019).

Be sure to book your place see HERE for further details.



Supported by Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica "Silvio d'Amico"



Stromboli (Italy) June 15th - July 1st 2019


The Linklater Method for Voice and Language with:


Oliver Mannel - Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Leonardo Gambardella - Linklater Italia

Paula Langton - Boston University


And Impro work for actors with:

Ken Cheeseman - Emerson College, Boston

Workshop designed for professional actors, students of acting and any person curious to explore connection with voice, body, language and performance 90 hours of Linklater Voice work and text exploration with an international group of students - Final performance presented at Stromboli Unplugged Theatre Festival

Participants may be involved in some of the performances presented at the Eco Logical Theater Fest in Stromboli.

Classes will be held primarily in English, with Italian translation.


COST: 2,000€ (Early birds discount: 1,800€ if you register by Feb the 28th)

Included: accommodation in double room and dinners.

NOT included: travels, lunches and dinners in the 2 days off.

Single rooms available for an additional 25 euros fee per night.


Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The first warm-up  of 2019 in Bragi's Space (the amphitheater).  Intrepid teacher trainees. A windless day  -  after a week of gales. Bragi  -  the Norse God of Eloquence and Poetry. Orkney - eloquent with a sweep of hills, loch, cliffs and sea under shining, shifting clouds. An abundance of stimuli.


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Introductory Shakespeare workshop.

'Actors, teachers, poets  -  people from the US, Australia, Poland, Malta, Germany, Holland and Mexico - all united in their love of Shakespeare. By the end of the week the alchemy of words, figures of speech, elements of verse, rhythm and the joy of imagery had transformed sonnets and speeches into living reality. Creative satisfaction abounded.'