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ALRA – The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts  -  is known for its innovative approach to a wide range of performance skills. 

Kristin Linklater has an international reputation for voice work that ranges from the classical (Shakespeare) to the personal, social, psycho-physical experience.

This innovative programme recognizes the changing world of the performing arts industry and traditional actor training.  Many trained actors from conventional conservatory programmes wish to extend the reach of their artistic abilities. The ALRA MFA enables graduates to play new creative roles in the changing theatres of their communities.

Beginning in 2021 this visionary programme aims to equip actor-teachers with the skills and practical training to work both in traditional theatre-training schools and in areas of social and political activism. 

Kristin Linklater’s voice methodology, known as Freeing the Natural Voice, will be at the core of this newly-imagined actor-teacher training programme. Branching out into Trish Arnold’s movement work and Michael Chekhov’s acting approach and with a special focus on Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, the programme offers a full experience of Applied Theatre Arts. 

Teacher-training is delivered as a practical skill. MFA candidates will choose in their second year a specialisation in either the discipline of becoming a Designated Linklater Teacher or an Applied Theatre Arts Practitioner.

For more details: https://alra.co.uk/courses/mfa-linklater-teaching-practice-voice-and-theatre-arts

Auditions for the programme begin in New York this January  -  go online for more audition dates:


Please do everything you can to bring this to the attention of anyone who might be interested. Auditions will continue through the spring. I hope you agree that this is a great step forward into new territory.

2019 KLVC Christmas message

 KLVC's 2019 workshop season closed on an artistic high! This past week saw the third time Canada's Stratford Festival Theatre has subsidized ten of its young actors to come and work with Kristin on Voice and Shakespeare. What a wonderful week it has been! Such talent and such passionate commitment to working on their craft!! The voice work challenged an ever-deepening connection to the emotional and imaginative energies demanded by Shakespeare while the "advice to the players" (hidden in plain sight in the imagery, rhythms and forms of the verse) became an exciting challenge to the specificity of thought and the courage of revelation. With a passionate determination to absorb and grow, everyone soared. Sonnets, soliloquies, speeches challenged the speakers and they all found the thrill of a new dimension of thinking, feeling, playing Shakespeare. We look forward to the next Stratford visit in 2021.


Stratford Festival Canada

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Our plans for 2020 are exciting with collaborative workshops involving Kristin and other Designated Linklater Teachers - AND - new workshops led by teachers whose approach to theatre is closely linked to that of Freeing the Natural Voice. 

COLLABORATION The wonderfully generous and stimulating Paula Langton (whom many of you already know) will join Kristin as a co-teacher for the March Introductory Voice and Introductory Shakespeare workshops. Paula returns in July. 

1st - 7th March Introductory Linklater Voice: Kristin and Paula
8th - 14th March Introductory Shakespeare: Kristin and Paula

In April Kristin welcomes Designated Teacher, Antonio Ocampo-Guzman to co-teach Advanced Voice, and Designated Teacher Judy Shahn back, by popular demand, to co-teach Sound & Movement.

April 19th - 25th Advanced Voice Technique & Text: Kristin and Antonio
April 26th - 2nd May Sound & Movement: Embodying Language: Kristin and Judy

RETURNING in July we have a week of VOICE followed by a week of IMPROVISATION.

July 5th - 11th Introductory Voice: Kristin and Paula
July 12th - 18th Improvisation: Paula and Ken Cheeseman

Kristin and Paula Langton will co-teach an Introductory Voice workshop and then there will be an extraordinary week of Improvisation led by Paula and Ken Cheeseman.

Paula and Ken worked closely for several years with Keith Johnstone whose IMPRO techniques spawn spontaneous creativity and narrative skills. 
https://www.keithjohnstone.com Ken Cheesman teaches Impro workshops at Emerson College and elsewhere and is an inspired and enchanting teacher. KLVC is honored to welcome Ken back to host his improvisation workshop in the UK.

This is an opportunity for real in-depth training for those of you who are either on the threshold of theatre or already firmly in that world. It is also 100% valuable for teachers, public-speakers, writers, and every kind of life-artist.

Ken is a master of Keith's irresistibly effective Impro exercises. Coupled with Paula's voice-freeing expertise this week of play will liberate instinct, voice, eloquence, creativity, joy, imagination and infinite self-confidence. 

Merry Conway will be our guest solo artist-teacher for one week in May.

17th - 23rd May - The Speaking Body: Movement with Merry Conway.

Merry's work is rooted in the body-freeing exercises and impulse-releasing swing work developed by Trish Arnold. Her subsequent training with Jacques LeCoq was a significant influence as she developed her own unique approach to training the actor's body. 

Merry is pleased to offer a week of movement work, giving participants time to explore their physical expression as performers, directors, voice teachers, and expressive beings.

NEW for 2020! Freeing the Natural Singing Voice. Kristin is teaming up with two of her Designated teachers Deborah Garvey and Michael Petermann.
The voice that sings and the voice that speaks have the same anatomy.  Kristin Linklater's exercises free the voice from habitual tensions and constraints, and singers benefit from her work as much as speakers (actors). Now Kristin is teaming up with two of her Designated teachers to focus specifically on  the singer's needs. Deborah Garvey teaches singing at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London and has also recently taken up a post at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art as a voice and speech tutor. Michael Petermann conducts choirs, teaches voice to singers and is the Director of the Conservatory of Music in Hamburg. Both are accomplished musicians. Both have developed exercises and strategies for singers based on the Linklater Voice methodology.

This workshop offers singers access to freedom, ease and release in their performance. We will explore range, resonance, articulation, the opportunity to move easily from singing to speaking to singing with a focus on personal creative expression. All genres of singing and levels of experience are welcome.

26th July - 1st August Freeing the Natural Singing Voice: Kristin, Deborah and Michael.

2020 is going to be another exciting year for the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre. We invite you to explore our full offerings for 2020 HERE, please note: supplementary Autumn-winter dates will join our current offerings later. If you have any questions regarding the workshops and bookings please do get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.