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Please congratulate the 2019 Designated Linklater Teachers:
Warren Chu
Nelya Galiakbarova
Janie Gibson
Samantha Gilmore
Tom Giordano
Lynnae Lehfeldt
Valerie Madden
Angela Metzler
David Morden
Midori Nakamura
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We've completed Part Two of the Linklater Designation Teacher Training with an intensive three weeks of practice teaching and in-depth exploration of the Freeing the Natural Voice methodology and strategies and techniques for a variety of classroom demands: basic voice, physical releasing, hands-on practice for relaxing neck and jaw tension, much discussion of psychological and emotional classroom situations and, of course, Shakespeare  - from the Elizabethan World Picture to sonnets. The trainees worked together with a passionate commitment to the work and an open-hearted, generous dedication to each other's growth  -  and they were blessed with a wonderfully interesting group of practice students drawn from Orkney's vibrant community upon whom to exercise their pedagogical skills. Success all round! Due in no small part to the energetic support of 4 dedicated and experienced DLTs: Andrea Haring, Mary Coy, Kimberly White and Anne Alanne (who brought her invaluable Alexander Technique expertise into the studio).
I am very grateful to all who participated and predict an exciting and satisfying year ahead!
Kristin Linklater Voice Centre's first Voice & Improvisation workshop
... with Paula Langton and Ken Cheeseman
We began teaching together more than 35 years ago and have had an incredible journey working in elementary and high schools, colleges, universities, private studios and professional theatres. Our experience at KLVC felt like a magnificent culmination of 35 years of teaching. The phenomenal location- expansive vistas of sky, earth and sea combined with the 5000 year old remnants of human history- and the state of the art studio, simple, elegant housing and intimate, family style dining all within steps of each other make for a unique environment that supports and inspires creative work."
Ken Cheeseman
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Quote from Ann:
"Huge thanks again to you and Ken for an extraordinary week -- pairing voice and improv was brilliant -- don't change a thing.  Your energy inspired me!  
Hope we see each other again." 

Introductory Linklater Voice Technique translated to Russian...

"A wonderful week co-teaching Introductory Voice with Kristin to a lovely group of Russian professionals from business, science and theatre. Kristin’s two excellent Russian Teacher Trainees, Tatiana Savina and Vadim Kurilov, acted as interpreters, and my very rusty Russian came in handy (and improved greatly!).

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 The group embraced the voice work with sensitivity and commitment, making many exciting, and at times touching, personal discoveries about the restorative power of connecting with one’s natural breath, opening the vocal channel, freeing the voice, body use and language, and building resonance and range. They then took this connection to breath, voice and body into articulation and speaking their texts. They worked with boldness and joy, increasing their personal presence, clarity of communication, and ease in the 'performance space’, be it on the stage or in the boardroom.
On the last evening we all sang Russian songs and after dinner walked down to the beach to watch the sunset on what was a gloriously sunny and mild Orkney evening. We even sang to some Orkney coos on the way!
Чудесная неделя работы над голосом с замечательной группой из России!"
Joanna Weir Ouston, Designated Linklater Teacher

'In a Manner of Speaking' podcast

Paul Meier discusses 'Voice and Speech' with Kristin, In a Manner of Speaking . Each monthly podcast 'tackles a different topic related to the spoken word'. His various guests include 'renowned linguist David Crystal, indigenous-speech expert Eric Armstrong, Audie Award-winning audiobook narrators Tavia Gilbert and Julia Whelan, and renowned dialect coaches and designers Jim Johnson and Amy Stoller'.

Paul describes Kristin as a 'towering figure in the world of voice and speech training'.

May - Episode 16 (Voice and Speech)

'Paul Meier is a dialect coach for theatre and film; a voice-over artist with many commercials and audio books to his credit; and a theatre professor specializing in voice, speech, accents and dialects, and heightened text. Paul also works with clients on accent reduction'. You can find out more about Paul on his website https://www.paulmeier.com/