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Vadim Tango Fest 5

Wednesday 9th of May 7 - 9 pm
Kristin Linklater Voice Centre

Dreaming of the romance of TANGO but afraid you have two left feet and no sense of rhythm? Leave your fears behind and live your dreams  -  Vadim may be from Moscow but he has a Spanish soul. He will teach you to TANGO here in Quoyloo on Wednesday 9th February at 7pm (come ready to start for 7pm).

No partner necessary
£5 each - cash on the door

Interested or know someone who may be?
If you know anyone in your group of friends, family, clubs or societies that you think would be interested, then please spread the word.

Limited places available! Contact Julie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 841491 to reserve your place by the evening of Monday 7th May.

This workshop opened up the middle voice allowing expressivity to blossom. For the many singers in the group, our detailed explorations led to a confident extroversion of the mid-register, mid-range voice. We released jaw tension and persuaded the tongue to yield up its pseudo-strength so that free breath and and reverberating bone could beautifully and economically serve the needs of the voice for both speaker and singer. Participants came from Poland, Mexico, Germany, Austria, the USA and France and every evening they sang together  -  folk songs and rounds and those glorious Georgian songs where the harmonies jostle and embrace. Judy Shahn (Designated Linklater Teacher) assisted Kristin and ran a workshop for local people on the day off. The glorious weather, the sparkling daffodils and the new-born lambs in the fields reflected the happiness that prevailed in the studio.


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Here's the group from the U.S., Russia, China, France, Italy, Germany and Orkney who put themselves under Louis Colaianni's spell as he waved a wand and conjured vowels and consonants from their inert and separate beauties into the pitch, resonance and active energy of human experience. Nothing proscriptive narrowed the boundaries of this voyage of discovery into the Joy of Phonetics. Louis has the ability to help us slip under the radar of the conscious mind to the realm where all sounds await the specific thought that will lead to their incarnation. Oh  -  and if that sounds a bit  -  well  -  weird and not very practical we ended up with a clear idea of the 10 to 15 steps essential for the acquisition of a dialect. Orcadian was the template and Rena was the accent donor. Everyone was bubbling with the excitement of new ideas and skills.


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For my 80th birthday two years ago Kevan Martin and Catriona Bass pledged 200 willows for the Voice Centre landscaping. With magnificent follow-up generosity they came to Orkney last weekend to plant their hugely appreciated gift. Blessed with two days of sunshine, and ably assisted by Juicy and Magnus, they installed a sweeping surround of golden-stalked willow cuttings inside the dykes and beside the pond.
My heart is filled with gratitude and love for Kevan and Catriona  -  for their vision, their big hearts, their practicality, their lightness of being and stimulating company. Year after year they will be with us at the Centre as the willows branch and leaf and shelter us from the snell blasts, glowing golden in their sturdy trunks.
Thank you, my dear friends, Kevan and Catriona. Thank you, Yvonne, for setting it all up,  for measuring, calculating, organizing  -  without you nothing would happen. Thank you Juicy and Magnus  -  and thank you, Julie!  
(Sorry for the windnoise, dampened as much as I could - it's authentic Orcadian weather + amateur behind the camera - Julie).