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The legacy of Kristin Linklater

An Appeal to her friends, family and world-wide community

Since the sad news of Kristin’s death, we have been overwhelmed by the support and love you have shown her. We have been comforted and uplifted by the often passionate expressions of gratitude you have expressed towards her and her lifelong vision.  

We are determined that her work – so valuable to so many people - should continue. But we need your help if it is to be carried on.

This year, the Coronavirus epidemic has meant that courses in Orkney have been cancelled, and the centre remains closed. But we believe that it can – and will – open again, to welcome students and teachers back to the place that Kristin herself created and which lies at the heart of everything she did.

To do that we must raise enough funds to keep it going through this year, to meet its running costs, clear off debts, and set it on a stable footing for the future.

Our £140,000 ($176,000) target

We have drawn up a two-phase business plan which has a target of £140,000 ($176,000.) If, with your help, we can reach that goal,  then the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre (KLVC) has a future.


We transition KLVC to charitable status, whilst retaining the key personnel in Orkney who make it work, clearing debts accrued during the shut down, while simultaneously offering virtual coaching, generously donated by support from a number of  Kristin’s finest teachers. 


We’re aiming for next Spring, and a dynamic rotating team of Linklater teachers continuing Kristin’s work. She herself was actively pursuing this transition at the time of her death, setting the Centre on a stable footing.

The initial total  is enough, we believe,  to save, and sustain KLVC over the next year. These funds will allow us to keep the lights on, reposition ourselves as a not-for-profit organisation, and breathe new life into the Centre in a post pandemic era. This was Kristin’s dearest wish – and we are determined to honor it. Additionally we will be establishing the Kristin Linklater Memorial Fund to improve fundamentally the access and diversity of the Centre. For KLVC to have a future it needs to increase radically BIPOC representation in both Linklater teaching ranks AND workshop participation.

Will you help us ensure that her legacy continues and flourishes in Orkney?


On Mom and Orkney, a message from Hamish Linklater

Mom’s sudden passing has been immeasurably hard, but it's been overwhelming to receive so many messages about the effect her work has had on people’s lives.

Mom was brought up in Orkney and often spoke about how important the islands' landscape was to her work. She encouraged workshop attendees to explore, and experience the cliff tops and rocky beaches, the ancient neolithic UNESCO world heritage sites, the howl of the North Sea, all helping participants understand the source and force behind what she was doing. (Mom's work sizzled with the elements of the landscape in which she was raised).   

"My work is filled with images of nature, and I think that is due to the fact that I grew up surrounded by the ocean, birds in rocky cliffs, grassy hillsides, and the wind and the rain." Kristin Linklater

This was Mom’s home, but she also built her Centre here because it was the optimal, natural, and inspired location for her work to be best understood, integrated, and breathed. Mom’s great hope was to have her work continue in Orkney, and we would be so grateful if you would help us at this critical stage in our endeavor. 

Hamish Linklater



The Progression Ditty

Kristin performs a her 'Voice Ditty' of The Progression Ditty

(Audio - Voice only) Enjoy.

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The Progression Ditty


Spine aligned     Now I find     My body-mind


A soundless sigh

Don't ask why


Then sign with sound

From the ground

Lips hum

Bones thrum


Shake them loose



Stretch and yawn

As if new-born


Shake the jaw -

Loose - it's the law!


Soft palate and tongue - 

There are notes to be sung


Then - the resonators

Chest, mouth, teeth vibrators


Call out "Hey, bro!"

Swing a rainbow


The ribs get a stretch

(please don't kvetch!)


We visit the sinus

More or less - plus or minus


Then nasal and skull - 

Range is not dull


Three octaves expression

Will make an impression


Lips and tongue start to play

Once again - a new day!


My voice is free!

Rejoice! It's Me!!


What's next?

Oh yes - the text.


Learn it by heart - 

That's the start of the art


Ask why and who

6 questions will do


Where, how, when,

WHY, WHY - and then -


The 5 essential P's

I know about these


I am being

I am seeing


I'm transforming

Not performing



Please don't laughski)


I will practise

And I'll act this


I'll say

And I'll pray

This litany each day


Know it

Don't show it


Don't spill it

You'll kill it


(While you're about it

You could, just once, shout it)


Then - contain it

Maintain it

Don't explain it


Believe it

And breathe it


Feel it

Reveal it.


I'll say

And pray

This prayer

Each day     To crack this     I must practise


Kristin Linklater



Kristin stars in Sarah Archer's latest 'The Speaking Club' podcast.


Kristin in conversation with Sarah Archer on The Speaking Club - 116 'Setting your Authentic Voice free for Great Public Speaking',

Kristin starts with an explosive 'voice ditty', then Sarah opens up a wide discussion: mind, body and voice connections, the vertical experience of voice, mantras to conquer primal stage fright, voice quality tips, controversy - who was Shakespeare? - and 'aha' stories.

Sarah Archer runs 'The Speaking Club' podcast. A comedian, actress, speaker, writer, and coach, Sarah has performed comedy and acted all over the UK for nearly 18 years. She uses storytelling and humour to coach students on how to captivate audiences.


The Speaking Club - 116 'Setting your Authentic Voice free for Great Public Speaking'

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By Sarah Archer Posted 30th April 2020

Whilst in self-isolation Kristin performs her #AllTheWorld'sAStage (2020)

We hope you enjoy....

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