Voice & Improvisation...with Paula Langton & Ken Cheeseman

Kristin Linklater Voice Centre's first Voice & Improvisation workshop
... with Paula Langton and Ken Cheeseman
We began teaching together more than 35 years ago and have had an incredible journey working in elementary and high schools, colleges, universities, private studios and professional theatres. Our experience at KLVC felt like a magnificent culmination of 35 years of teaching. The phenomenal location- expansive vistas of sky, earth and sea combined with the 5000 year old remnants of human history- and the state of the art studio, simple, elegant housing and intimate, family style dining all within steps of each other make for a unique environment that supports and inspires creative work."
Ken Cheeseman
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Quote from Ann:
"Huge thanks again to you and Ken for an extraordinary week -- pairing voice and improv was brilliant -- don't change a thing.  Your energy inspired me!  
Hope we see each other again." 
Voice & Improvisation...with Paula Langton & Ken Cheeseman