New Designated Linklater Teachers...

Please congratulate the 2019 Designated Linklater Teachers:
Warren Chu
Nelya Galiakbarova
Janie Gibson
Samantha Gilmore
Tom Giordano
Lynnae Lehfeldt
Valerie Madden
Angela Metzler
David Morden
Midori Nakamura
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We've completed Part Two of the Linklater Designation Teacher Training with an intensive three weeks of practice teaching and in-depth exploration of the Freeing the Natural Voice methodology and strategies and techniques for a variety of classroom demands: basic voice, physical releasing, hands-on practice for relaxing neck and jaw tension, much discussion of psychological and emotional classroom situations and, of course, Shakespeare  - from the Elizabethan World Picture to sonnets. The trainees worked together with a passionate commitment to the work and an open-hearted, generous dedication to each other's growth  -  and they were blessed with a wonderfully interesting group of practice students drawn from Orkney's vibrant community upon whom to exercise their pedagogical skills. Success all round! Due in no small part to the energetic support of 4 dedicated and experienced DLTs: Andrea Haring, Mary Coy, Kimberly White and Anne Alanne (who brought her invaluable Alexander Technique expertise into the studio).
I am very grateful to all who participated and predict an exciting and satisfying year ahead!
New Designated Linklater Teachers...