Spain welcomes Kristin

This was my first visit to Spain and I was royally received and wonderfully supported by my Spanish and Mexican DLTs. Leticia, Ana, Maria and Nuria were lovingly attentive to my every need  -  Tania, Llever and Indira made a special trip from Mexico (+ two teacher trainees) -  Lluisa came from Barcelona with her fresh-off-the-press translation of FNV into Catalan (!); Alyssa was with us for  two days, and so was Prado, Alice flew in from Italy. From Vallodolid we went on excursions to Salamanca and Uruegna (a medieval village of books) and El Escorial, and at the magnificent Prado in Madrid, I shivered with the power of Goya and El Greco. We had a paella and flamenco party. Did I do any work? YES  - I gave a Master Class talk and taught the whole progression in 16 hours to students in Vallodolid and in 12 hours in Madrid  -  with, respectively, 30 and 150 observers. Phew! Many thanks to Eduardo for his excellent organization. Participating schools were: 
Fundación Universidades y Enseñanzas Superiores de Castilla y León, Estudio Corazza para el actor, Centro del Actor, and Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico.

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...appreciation from the Studio Corazza...
 "To see her work, her precision, clarity, sense of humor, humanity and art has been very inspiring."
Spain welcomes Kristin