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ALRA – The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts  -  is known for its innovative approach to a wide range of performance skills. 

Kristin Linklater has an international reputation for voice work that ranges from the classical (Shakespeare) to the personal, social, psycho-physical experience.

This innovative programme recognizes the changing world of the performing arts industry and traditional actor training.  Many trained actors from conventional conservatory programmes wish to extend the reach of their artistic abilities. The ALRA MFA enables graduates to play new creative roles in the changing theatres of their communities.

Beginning in 2021 this visionary programme aims to equip actor-teachers with the skills and practical training to work both in traditional theatre-training schools and in areas of social and political activism. 

Kristin Linklater’s voice methodology, known as Freeing the Natural Voice, will be at the core of this newly-imagined actor-teacher training programme. Branching out into Trish Arnold’s movement work and Michael Chekhov’s acting approach and with a special focus on Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, the programme offers a full experience of Applied Theatre Arts. 

Teacher-training is delivered as a practical skill. MFA candidates will choose in their second year a specialisation in either the discipline of becoming a Designated Linklater Teacher or an Applied Theatre Arts Practitioner.

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Auditions for the programme begin in New York this January  -  go online for more audition dates:

Please do everything you can to bring this to the attention of anyone who might be interested. Auditions will continue through the spring. I hope you agree that this is a great step forward into new territory.