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    Frankfurt escalator chat...

    Posted by KLVC Team on October 05, 2017

    An Extraordinary Converstion...

    An extraordinary conversation at Frankfurt airport at the start of a 3-hour layover on my way to Vilnius. I asked for directions to my gate from a young Asian man in airport uniform. He indicated where I should go and quickly said: “Madame, may I ask you a question?” I ascertained that it wasn’t an official survey question. “You look as if you have the wisdom of some decades” he said. “Nicely put” I thought. “Do you think there is any hope that this world can get better? Is there any reason to want to go on living?” - referring to the 1920s economic crash and the current dire state of the economy and world politics. He’s a student doing the job at the airport to survive. He said: “In the 60s and the 70s didn’t you have more hope?” He said: “It would be better to be dead and waiting for reincarnation than living now.” All this in a polite, low-key conversational tone. I changed gear, dredging up every smidgen of positive thinking and the wisdom of decades I could muster. “Yes - there was hope then, and there’s always hope. The pendulum swings. We and the world are made of positive and negative electrical energy - the negative is up right now. The illness of humanity is being revealed and the remedies will emerge.” He asked me where I lived and I said Scotland. “I look out at the everlasting fields and skies and they change my mind. Get out of the city and look for some green fields.” “Yes” he said “the city is full of negative energy.” “Take the bus out to the countryside! Walk! Ride a bike out of the city! Choose what to think…” It must have been a 15- minute chat at the top of an escalator with people hurrying by. He said “Thank you - I can change my mind. I can choose to hope. You’ve made my day.” PHEW!!


    treadmill 1028296 1920 1

    (Treadmill Frankfurt Airport: Pixelbay 3dman_eu 2017)


    Get to know your voice - it's strong, it's resilient, it's expressive, it's you...

    -- Kristin Linklater