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For my 80th birthday two years ago Kevan Martin and Catriona Bass pledged 200 willows for the Voice Centre landscaping. With magnificent follow-up generosity they came to Orkney last weekend to plant their hugely appreciated gift. Blessed with two days of sunshine, and ably assisted by Juicy and Magnus, they installed a sweeping surround of golden-stalked willow cuttings inside the dykes and beside the pond.
My heart is filled with gratitude and love for Kevan and Catriona  -  for their vision, their big hearts, their practicality, their lightness of being and stimulating company. Year after year they will be with us at the Centre as the willows branch and leaf and shelter us from the snell blasts, glowing golden in their sturdy trunks.
Thank you, my dear friends, Kevan and Catriona. Thank you, Yvonne, for setting it all up,  for measuring, calculating, organizing  -  without you nothing would happen. Thank you Juicy and Magnus  -  and thank you, Julie!  
(Sorry for the windnoise, dampened as much as I could - it's authentic Orcadian weather + amateur behind the camera - Julie).

What does 'Advanced Voice' mean? This group proved that it means wherever you need to advance next in your voice journey. We explored the whole range of resonators of course  -  and excised the tongue from the exploration restoring the intimate and intrinsic relationship of breath and bone. With Spain, Italy, Germany and the USA present we talked about the universality of emotional voice suppression and exercised around the dinner table the universality of human experience. Skara Brae and the Ring of Brodgar cast their ancient spell and the primal, the primitive joined forces with 21st C neuro-physiological knowhow in an awakening of the extended power of voice. Oh  -  I expect that is incomprehensible gobbledegook to most readers....Sorry!...such is the stuff of 'Advanced Voice and Text.'

And we were blessed with the presence and generous input of veteran DLT Paula Langton!


Kristin at Ville de Divonne-les-Bains 
WEF/Columbia Alum. A wonderful reunion! 
Kristin's impact continues to reverberate with last year's WEF participants, who came for a wonderful visit tonight. 

BBC Radio 2 DJ, Simon Mayo, talks diaphragms with Kristin on his evening Drivetime show.

Discussing health benefits and sighing...

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 (BBC Radio 2, 2018).