Online Linklater Voice Method workshops

Linklater Voice workshops led by Kristin Linklater's Designated Linklater Teachers.

The Kristin Linklater Voice Centre provides a wide range of workshops in voice development. 

Voice Development Workshops

Voice development workshops offer introductory levels of voice work through to text work, verse-speaking and Shakespeare.  We also organise specialised workshops for theatre and corporate groups.

The Introductory Linklater Voice workshop is open to everyone. All Advanced workshops have prerequisites. Please be sure you are eligible before you apply. If you are unsure please contact


We have six Early Bird places, per online workshop at £300 instead of the full £360! Available to the first 6 people to book.



  • Online - Advanced Voice & Text - September 2020

    “The workshop was an amazing opportunity to come back to Linklater training and work specifically with the middle of the voice. I discovered things about resonances and their relationship to text”.

  • Online - Advanced Voice & Text - September 2020

    “Judith is an excellent teacher who is carrying on Kristin’s important work with grace and gravitas. Her natural warmth and vitality come through.
    I loved the atmosphere! You could really feel the energy between us across the miles”
  • Online - Advanced Voice & Text - September 2020

    “Judith’s direction was insightful and inspiring. Thank you Judith and thank you KLVC for being the creative safety net I needed”

  • Online - Advanced Voice & Text - September 2020

    “Working with Judith online was a gift and a pleasure. Reawakening my sighs in such uncertain times allowed my stress to alleviate and melt away.”

  • Online - Advanced Voice & Text - September 2020

    “Advanced Voice and Text is a gift of a  training at this time. We connected deeply to ourselves and to each other through an embodied journey into the heart of our voices, releasing our potential resonance and power”

  • Online - Voice & Improvisation - August 2020

    "This was a challenging yet exciting space to play. 

    Ken and Paula are a perfect team."

  • Online - Voice & Improvisation - August 2020

    How were the teachers? 

    "They were superb"

    "Amazing energy and positivity"

  • Online - Voice & Improvisation - August 2020

    "YES! I was absolutely amazed by the way we created a supportive Linklater community in THREE DAYS through a computer!!

    All my previous experience had been semester-long in-person classes, where the community was built slowly, but this was such a much-needed jolt of invigoration!"


  • Online - Voice & Improvisation - August 2020

    "Ken and Paula gave so much of themselves, their experience, their joy, their love for the work and their love of working with us, it was truly inspiring.

    It enabled me to trust myself and to take risks. I watched people settle into themselves and I settled into myself. It was liberating knowing being confused and getting it wrong was OK, in fact it was an asset for everyone! I found that so liberating, so profound it made me cry. This experience was remarkable and went very deep.

    This work is for bankers, nurses, actors, builders, politicians, taxidrivers, police officers...everyone!

    The content and delivery of the work by Ken and Paula was life enhancing - how can you put a price on that?"

  • Online - Voice & Improvisation - August 2020

    "A superb course, delivered by experts who were determined to preseve the generous spirit of Kristin Linklater and succeeded with room to spare."

  • Online - Voice & Improvisation - August 2020

    "I have been out of Linklater practice for about two years, and it only took ten minutes back in the 'studio' (virtually that is) for me to realise how deeply I've missed it.

    This work nourishes my soul. It is fundamental to my humanity. It calls to me. And I love it."

  • Online - Introductory Linklater Voice Technique - August 2020

    "Paula was wonderful! Very engaged with the material and with me and I found her very supportive and encouraging."

  • Online - Introductory Linklater Voice Technique - August 2020

    "Paula went 'all in'. It was just unbeliveable how she managed to touch me via this flat screen.

    Great admiration for her work."

  • Online - Introductory Linklater Voice Technique - August 2020

    "I was impressed with how Paula was able to really connect with us on a virtual platform. I felt like she was very aware of each of us , and she did a good job staying in the eye of the camera so we could see her."

  • Online - Introductory Linklater Voice Technique - August 2020

    "This is a workshop and a training centre that is regarded very highly by acting professionals and it lived up to its reputation. It was delivered with aplomb and I just had the most fun. 

    Clearly, Kristin's spirit lives on, not only in her method."

  • Online - Introductory Linklater Voice Technique - August 2020

    I had such fun learning how to do something I have struggled with most of my life. That is using my voice. Speaking up and using my voice authentically. Along the way, learning about embodiment and how to release tension in my neck, throat and jaw. I have chronic fatigue and would normally struggle to get through one day of a workshp, but I got through 3 days and my friends said I looked more alive after."

  • Online - Introductory Linklater Voice Technique - August 2020

    "This virtual experience offers two unique gifts: a chance to connect with and explore our own voices in our own spaces, all the while breathing and resonating alongside our usual domestic chores and our professional and personal lives: and a chance to feel connected in our immaginations - virtually - with everyone who loves this work."

  • Online - Introductory Linklater Voice Technique - August 2020

    "Thank you to Paula and the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful experience. I needed something in my life that called to my highest good and encouraged me to pursue my passions and dreams and this course has provided a gateway to access all that is possible in the next phase of my life. I am so grateful that I was introduced to this course and can't wait to continue my studies further into the magic of the voice".

  • Online - Introductory Linklater Voice Technique - August 2020

    "Couldn't believe this would work via zoom. But it did!

    Congratuations! Great teacher and workshop with a lot of momentum for developing my voice".

  • Poetry workshop - March 2019

    This has been a genuinely life-changing week for me. I cam alive. My voice emerges. It will bring my writing and my speaking to life. S.R. (UK).

    Thank you for a wonderful week. It was one hell of a ride through English poetry - plus my personal prosody, habits, insecurities. I learned so much - I still can't say how much... F.S. (Germany).

    Wonderful to enjoy Paula's warm-ups and then get lost in poetry so lively and heart-touching. Orcadian air is highly addictive! C.K. (Germany).

    In the Poetry workshop I realized that my voice can fly and arrive at a place I want it to reach. A simple act of letting it be free - it was a subtle and deeply moving moment. All those 'shoulds' and 'I can'ts' perished. I am learning a new way of perceiving my life both artistically and personally. C.J. (Korea)