Oretta Bizzarri


Authorized Teacher of the Linklater Method, in 2017 completes the Master's Degree in "Vocal Expression Dynamics - The Linklater Method" at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". She met Kristin Linklater in 1998 and since then she doesnt stop studying and deepening her method (Studies with Kristine Linklater, Susan Main, Natsuko Ohama, Margarete Assmuth, Alessandro Fabrizi, Oliver Mannel, Nuria Castano Gutierrez). It will be very important the meeting with Merry Conway. With her work on the Clown on one hand, and on the actor movement on the other, among other things, closely linked to the Linklater method).

She held a degree in Foreign Languages ??and Literature at the University of Rome and in Choreographic Composition at the National Dance Academy. For more than twenty years she has been teaching contemporary dance, movement and voice, improvisation and composition at the IALS (Teacher Training Worker Institute); in teacher training courses: Mousike '(Bologna 2014; 2016) and Danzarte (Brescia 2013); in facilities for performer training: Space (A) Bbruzzo (Pescara 2013/2014); "Pergine Spettacolo Aperto" Festival (Trento 2014). Participated as a Teacher of "Movement and Voice" at the 2012 DES Conference (Dance Education Society). In 2010 she is invited as guest professor of composition, voice and movement, contemporary dance from the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul. From 2001 to 2010 she was a teaching assistant at the Dance departement at DAMS University (Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment) in Rome. In 2015 she completed the training in "Pedagogy of the Movement" (2014/2015) at Choronde Educational Project.

She is a choreographer, dancer and performer, her latest creation is "Verdinastella" (2011), on stage until 2015. During his stay in Korea, she participated in four international festivals with her creation "Foolish Diva" and MODAFE (International Modern Dance Festival) as an interpreter in the creation of Korean choreographer Yang Seung he. From 2007 to 2009, under the National Academy of Dance of Rome, she created the performances "Bouge Pas", "Girls in Pearls", "Cipollino" with which she won the choreography prize "Aurel Millos", "Circus Bach" winner of the "National Art Award" for choreography. She also directed a group of young dancers from the Academy in "Opera Blog", a project in collaboration with the Northern Opera of Umea in Sweden. Between 1998 and 2005, she created with her own company "Giuseppina von Bingen", and with the support of the Ministry of Entertainment, eleven original creations of dance-theater. She also worked for cinema, theater and television by choreography or stage mouvements for "Prima Della Catastrofe" by Lucia Poli (1996); "Al centro dellarea di rigore" by Ivan Orano and Bruno Garbuglia (1996); "La strada segreta" by Claudio Sestieri (1998); "Aprimi il cuore" by Giada Colagrande.