Kristin Linklater Voice Centre Mission Statement

"...And into this nothingness the next breath enters, drawing in a sense, the future into the present."  - Kristin Linklater

The Kristin Linklater Voice Centre (KLVC) in Orkney is Kristin's home and the place she considered to be the foundational home of her teaching and voice methodology.  Our Mission is to keep the KLVC a vibrant and accessible on-going research destination for voice exploration through teacher training and voice workshops for all people.

In keeping with Kristin's humane and relentless pursuit of scrupulous self-examination, we, the teachers of her work, are committed to increasing our community with Black, Indigenous and People of Color, i.e. cultural and specific geographical identities (BIPOC). The Linklater Voice Centre is committed more than ever to continue the embodiment of Kristin’s passionate embrace of every voice rising up, celebrating inherent differences, and speaking truth wherever needed, thus creating a more vital and larger rainbow of voices within the Linklater teaching and learning community.  Let it be known that the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre, the Kristin Linklater Foundation, and the Linklater Voice Community stand against all forms of hatred and injustices inflicted upon any religious, racial, cultural, physical ability and LGBTQ+ groups.

"The mind is reluctant to embrace deep changes and will play devious games to maintain the status quo" - Kristin Linklater