Teacher Training
Designation Programme Details


Hosted New York - Next auditions will be January 2022 - dates to be confirmed - for New York This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Hosted London - Next auditions will be January 2022 - for London contact KLVC.

Part I – Summer 2022 - dates to be confirmed
Part II – Summer 2023 - dates to be confirmed
Cost Part I - £2350
Cost Part II - £2350 

We understand that training to become a Designated Linklater Teacher is a substantial financial commitment. We are willing to offer a monthly instalment plan to spread the costs of your training from the date of acceptance through to the completion of your Part I and onwards for Part II.

Kristin’s irrepressible passion in voice work and the support of the DLT community has warmed my heart and re-invigorated and reminded me of why I chose to create a career in voice teaching.


By continuing to work on myself as a teacher, performer, and person I gain more insight to offer my students in their own learning journey.


- Danielle Meunier