The Kitchen/Living area (Common Room)

The kitchen and living room is for eating, relaxing and socialising.

Centre bookings include home-cooked lunches and dinners and a self-serve breakfast. A wide range of dietary requirements can be catered for (please check at the point of booking).

The common living-room invites conversation, evening singalongs and communal entertainment.

The area includes toilet facilities, one of which caters for wheelchair access.


It was our great pleasure to come to The Kristin Linklater’s Centre for our recent Creative Dream Work Summer Intensive. This is a retreat facility profoundly worth the pilgrimage to reach it. The cathedral ceilinged work space is both beautiful and sturdy. The individual rooms facilitate privacy and rest after the day of work, while a friendly central room and kitchen are available for gathering. The people working with us were lovely—each one generous and exceedingly capable. We were provided with plentiful, nourishing food and terrific Orkney adventures.

Most inspiring for our work was the setting. The center is nestled in epic natural beauty that excites the creative imagination. The expanse of sky, sea and open land is restorative and awakens the soul. To have the sturdiness of the Center in this sweeping ancient landscape invites deep and creative awakening. Kristin has created a physical center to contain vital creative work and community. We will definitely return!

— Kim Gillingham, Creative Dream Work