THE KRISTIN LINKLATER VOICE CENTREa retreat-style, residential, voice centre in the Orkney Islands

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Kristin Linklater Voice Centre - a retreat-style, residential, voice centre in the Orkney Islands


  • September's Advanced Voice - 2017

    Coming to the end of my sixth workshop in this magical land - I am so grateful to you all. The experience you create here is so detailed and complete, it is crafted with such care, precise stitches woven into a beautiful tapestry... N.P.

  • Exploring Shakespeare's Comedy - July 2017

    Dear Kristin and Merry!

    It was so wonderful to play and explore, breathe and sigh, shake and stretch, swing and resonate, laugh and cry!..N.G.

  • May 2017 - Advanced Voice Technique and Text

    Kristin and the KLVC family have inspired creativity, imagination, a deeper interest in Voice and a desire to communicate. I am honoured to have played Housegarth's fiddle as well as exploring Orkney's history. If only I could stay a little longer.

    Go raibh cead mile maith agat! O.O. 

  • Advanced Shakespeare - March 2017

    The experience is complete. You are nurtured both in the studio and in your daily living. Orkney is an extraordinary stage for experiencing the voice work deeply. R.D.

  • Orkney's rugged beauty - January 2017

    Orkney has a rugged beauty and magical charm, while the Centre in its splendid retreat, has both a comforting homliness and an invigorating spirit. I couldn't think of a more focused and inspiring way to work. J.F. 

  • The place itself...January 2017

    What a wonderful time this has been. Not only because of Kristin's vivacious and meticulous teaching, but because of the place itself. J.F. 

  • Introductory Voice - January 2017

    It seemed as if time stopped for a moment, allowing me to breathe, reflect and re-discover creativity and the wonderful experience of producing art. L.H.

  • Poetry workshop - November 2016

    I am very happy that I came to do this very inspiring workshop 'Poetry', which will enrich my life enormously. I am very grateful for all the thinking I learned and experienced here. E.P.

  • Summer 2014 Designation

    Dear Kristin, Thank you for sharing your passion and reinvigorating our craft.  Your tenacity and vigor has transformed our practice in this short space of time.  The centre is tremendous.  Huge thanks! - L.W. and J.C.

  • Shakespeare’s Speeches and Scenes - Dec 2014

    You have had a profound impact of my work as a teacher and director, and on my relationship to language and Shakespeare.  I will celebrate this in every class and every rehearsal. - L.P.

  • Introductory experience - October 2016

    It has been a tremendous experience. Such a stunning setting, all the amenities, fantastic food thanks to the esoteric genius Rena! Thank you.

    The Centre is a wonderful warm and safe environment for this work and what a privilege to meet and work with such interesting people I would not have otherwise have the opportunity to meet. K.R.

  • Advanced Voice October 2016


    Breathing alone, and together. Speaking truth, ours or anothers. Thank you for this conversion to impulse, thought, body, voice, spine, communitas...A.R-F

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