THE KRISTIN LINKLATER VOICE CENTREa retreat-style, residential, voice centre in the Orkney Islands

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Kristin Linklater Voice Centre - a retreat-style, residential, voice centre in the Orkney Islands


  • Poetry workshop - March 2019

    This has been a genuinely life-changing week for me. I cam alive. My voice emerges. It will bring my writing and my speaking to life. S.R. (UK).

    Thank you for a wonderful week. It was one hell of a ride through English poetry - plus my personal prosody, habits, insecurities. I learned so much - I still can't say how much... F.S. (Germany).

    Wonderful to enjoy Paula's warm-ups and then get lost in poetry so lively and heart-touching. Orcadian air is highly addictive! C.K. (Germany).

    In the Poetry workshop I realized that my voice can fly and arrive at a place I want it to reach. A simple act of letting it be free - it was a subtle and deeply moving moment. All those 'shoulds' and 'I can'ts' perished. I am learning a new way of perceiving my life both artistically and personally. C.J. (Korea)

  • Advanced Voice & Text - April 2019

    I'll never forget these days with you. It's an amazing place to breathe and concentrate on the work. I'll come back! L. (Germany).

    Singing together, sighing together, stretching tongues together. Exploring the path to vocal freedom. C.S. (UK).

    Thank you, thank you Kristin. Your honesty and authenticity come through and through. D. (Germany).

  • Sound & Movement: Embodying Language - April 2019

    Exploring vowels and consonants within the body is like learning a new language. One full of life. A.O. (UK).

    It's been a blessing again being here - breaking the boundaries, exploring the unknown lands of voice and self while being so well treated and pampered! V.G. (UK).

    Judy and Kristin - it's such a great pleasure working with and learning from you both and from the group. A fabulous week exploring myself and my voice with colors, mouths and JOY in movement! H. (China & Switzerland)

  • Continuing Professional Development - May 2019

    Thank you Orkney! Thank you for my voice! I love you! R.C.M. (USA).

    Wonderful to return to Orkney five years after Designation. FIve years of trial, error (and success), and now I'm filled up with new goodness. Thank you, Kristin, for creating a space to continue our lifelong growth and development as teachers. A. H. (Australia).

    I'll be back! P.S. Rena. Is. The. Best. T.W. (USA).

    I feel that somehow I've come home. The work was exhilarating, fresh and rejuvenating. Kristin brought her extreme focus, intelligence, sensitivity and generosity to the studio every day. I feel so lucky and cannot wait to return. M.D. (USA).

    I feel re-invigorated. Great to connect with the other DLTs and to learn from KL the shifts and changes in her method. I was able to work at an emotionally deeper and intellectually more sophisticated level. S.W. (Canada). 

    The chance to continue deepening my own craft and be in conversation with the other teachers from around the world has been priceless. L.N. (USA).

  • Introductory Linklater Voice - June 2019

    The course is excellent - and accessible to all levels of experience and backgrounds while maintaining a consistent flow of inspiration. I liked the balance of Kristin and her colleague Paula - the change of rhythm and style helped digest the information. M.

    I have never had such an amazing emotional experience. Thank you so much for the precious time! Y.C. (China).


  • Voice & Improvisation: Langton & Cheeseman - June 2019

    Learning Improv and Voice in conjunction is a unique and life-changing experience that only a place like this could offer. The rapport between Ken and Paula is remarkable! (Anon).

    Companions on the road cound not be better than Ken and Paula, whose experience, skill and sensitivity have guided my thoughts and boice in a safe, caring and professional way. Thank you! Do it again! J.B.

    An extraordinary week in an idyllic setting - I am so grateful to have been part of this generous community for a week of discovery. A.

    Exploring my new-found 'voice' as a vehicle for my imagination is a gift beyond all measure. R.F. (USA)

    Ken and Paula are genius together. Easily one of the best weeks of my life! K.J.


  • Exploring Shakespeare's Comedy: Linklater & Conway - July 2019

    Thank you, Merry and Kristin, for a truly joyous week of laughter and levity. The knowledge I've gained from this week is so much more than I could have asked for. Thank you Rena and the KLVC team for making this centre feel like home - meditative and comfortable. L.S. (USA: Student).

    This was a wonderful first dip of my toe into this work and I hope to return. The Bothy and communal living added wonderfully to an amazing experience. T.C. (Canada).

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for this but I discovered more about comedy and human living than I thought was possible. The combined brain power of Kristin and Merry created new mindsets and an environment of discovery and fun. I am leaving inspired and full of happiness. D.J. (USA)

    Being here was such a dream! I feel so welcome and like I found a new family. Here. Being here, being here, being here...I don't have words to say thank you - for your joy, for your kindness. E.G. (Mexico).


  • Movement & Voice: Linklater & Conway - July 2019

    A wonderful adventure of sights, sounds, sensations and words! This place will stay in my heart. N.M. (teacher).

    What a deep vein of knowledge and experience and practice in the body of this teacher (Merry)! Gratitude to this well held hub of learning and creativity. Love the group I was part of - shiny treasures! J.D. (UK).

    Thank you, Thank you! I strive to learn to embody and embrace language the way it has been modelled here by both of you. I look forward to the ongoing exploration. A.B. (Canada).

    What an amazing shared experience - exploring the love of the human condition and its expression. K.B. (Australia).

  • Introductory Linklater Voice - October 2019

    You've inspired me in a great way - opening up the gateway to my feelings...A (Germany: musical theatre actor).

    This has been more insightful, inspiring and moving than I could have imagined. I'm so happy to have found inside me a constant source of creativity, sound, energy and power and to let this work into my acting practice. A.W. (UK: physical theatre actor).

    A wonderful group of colleagues who encouraged and supported each other in a magical place. Anon (Germany: Lawyer).

    Thank you for the tears I experienced standing in front of people, connecting fully with my body and speaking clearly...S. (Russia: International Bank Executive).

    Thank you so much for guiding us with compassion, perception and wisdom. I feel I am launched into a great adventure. I am privileged to have taken my first steps in focused voice work in this wonderful centre and in such great company. D. (UK: actor). 


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