THE KRISTIN LINKLATER VOICE CENTREa retreat-style, residential, voice centre in the Orkney Islands

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Kristin Linklater Voice Centre - a retreat-style, residential, voice centre in the Orkney Islands


  • Introductory Shakespeare - Mar 2018

    Plus que quelques minutes avant le depart. Et j'ai du mal a partir, j'ai trouve mes Shakespearienne ici et und famille en sept. Je prends quelque chose d'ici et y laisse chose de moi. L'amour. Merci pour le voyage.


  • Advanced Voice & Intro Shakespeare - March 2018

    These past 2 weeks of Advanced Voice and Shakespeare have been incredible, and the lessons I've learned and all the new tools I've gained will continue to vibrate and grow.


  • Introductory Shakespeare - Mar 2018

    I'm so sad to leave, these two weeks I've spent at the KLVC have been just amazing. I loved being here and loved being with you! You made me feel at home...I hope I'll have the choice to come back.


  • Introductory Shakespeare - Mar 2018

    Thank you for the Intro to Shakespeare course, the amazing food & comfortable lodging. I learned so much, I feel so full.


  • Advanced Voice Technique & Text - Mar 2018

    This is the perfect setup for integrating Kristin's technique which has been a breakthrough in my life...thank you Paula for being my saviour, angel....she has been the perfect complement to Kristin's teaching.


  • Advanced Voice Technique & Text - Mar 2018

    New awareness of the roof of my mouth, when breath goes there, its not in my throat. Linklater work is providing a good structure for me as my strength and courage increase.


  • Poetry workshop - Feb 2018

    Thank you, Kristin, for discombobulating my prosody and for stripping away my unnecessary vocal habits!


  • Introductory Linklater Voice - Dec 2017

    It's been a magical experience in a strongly healing place.


  • Introductory Shakespeare - Oct 2017

    Exploring Shakespeare's text while looking out the window to beautiful green hills, wind whistling, the sea crashing into's unmatched.


  • Advanced Voice Technique & Text - Sept 2017

    You showed me I have a voice full of power and inspiring confidence. That will draw trust from others if I trust myself. The voice is the thought is the breath is the self is the voice.


  • Advanced Voice Technique & Text - Sept 2017

    Kristin, my dear voice teacher, you and your voice technique are solid and powerful. I'm going back to Brazil with my heart full of life, renewed!


  • Advanced Voice Technique & Text - Sept 2017

    Thank you for your knowledge, wisdom, and kindly presence in the classroom. You were never overbearing nor were you ever saying that your way was the only way. I can only marvel at the selfless and experienced way by which you taught your wonderful voice work.


  • Introductory Linklater Voice - Sept 2017

    Coming to the end of my sixth workshop in this magical land, I am so grateful to you all. Yhe experience you create here is so detailed and complete, it is crafted with such care, precise stiches woven into a beautiful tapestry.


  • Movement & Voice: Conway & Linklater - July 2017

    Thank you for helping to embody my voice, and discombobulate my emotions.

    N. G.

  • Movement & Voice: Conway & Linklater - July 2017

    Returning to Orkney and the Voice Centre feels like homecoming, in the deepest sense of the word. It is both a return to this beautiful and ancient land, where sea and sky offer the sense of stretching to infinity, of infintie possibility - and a return to the ongoing process of self-discovery, of breath and imagination and voice and impulse and text. 


  • Voice, Text and Riverstories - June 2017

    All my thanks KLVC family, fo another transformative week! I stand taller and sound clearer after time spent here in the magical tonic of the Centre.


  • Sound and Movement - April 2017

    It is my 4th time in KLVC, each time it is a transformation! Each time it is a discovery! Each time it is the feeling/understanding -  there is so much more to discover.


  • Sound and Movement: Embodying Language - April 2017

    I am preparing to depart feeling 100% rejuvenated: as a citizen of the world, as an actor, as a teacher, and as a woman...the radically inspiring voice work made both safe (emotionally) and thrilling by Kristin, had been food for my soul.


  • Sound and Movement - April 2017

    Thank you so much for these rich and lovely days in The Voice Centre! Again it was like coming home! Home to where the voice lives!


  • Advanced Shakespeare - March 2017

    Not only does Kristin push you in the studio to find the hidden aspects of youself, but she fills you with laughter, friendship, magic and culture.


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