Kristin Linklater Voice Centre FAQs

When should I arrive for the workshop?

Aim to arrive at the Centre in time for the Welcome dinner at 6.30pm. At dinner you will meet your workshop teacher and the team, who will give you an orientation to the Centre.

What if I want to arrive a few days before the workshop start date?

You will have to find accommodation for your extra days, at your own cost. We can help with recommendations. Bookings should be made well in advance. You are responsible for your own local transportation until Sunday. KLVC will collect you on the Sunday at a pre-arranged time and place to take you to the Centre in time for the Welcome dinner at 6.30pm.

When should I book to depart?

Departures are any time after 2pm on Saturday. The workshop will finish at noon with lunch provided before departing. If earlier departure is unavoidable please inform Kristin.

What happens if I cannot get a flight out on Saturday afternoon or am extending my stay?

You will have to find accommodation elsewhere in Orkney at your own cost.  We can help with recommendations. We advise pre-booking well in advance. We will drop you off at your accommodation on the Saturday afternoon.  You must make your own transport arrangements for departing Orkney.

What happens if I am staying on for a second workshop week?

If you are doing a second workshop week (back to back) then the middle Saturday night's accommodation is included in your workshop fee.  There will be self-served breakfast but you must be self-sufficient for all other meals and travel requirements until the Welcome dinner on the Sunday evening at 6.30pm.

Which airline should we use? and fly to Kirkwall (KOI) from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. 

Important if travelling by air - To ensure being looked after in the event of flight delays or cancellations we advise you to make your flight reservations on one ticket and wherever possible through British Airways. have a code share agreement with British Airways. This means they use the same flight numbers and protect you in case of flight delays.

If using an online travel company, you should use the larger more recognised firms: Expedia, Travelcity etc. Note your booking reference number (14 digits) and take it with you. Having your reference number to hand will assist with tracing your booking if there’s a problem.

Will I be picked up on arrival?

Yes, you will be met on arrival by a member of the KLVC team, holding a Linklater Voice sign and driven to the Centre in our mini bus. The airport is a 45-minute drive from KLVC. We also drive you to the airport on departure.

What if there is a change to my flight, who do I contact?

If there are any changes to your travel (delay or cancellation) on the arrival day, please phone the KLVC Mobile – +44 (0)7425284679. Let us know your new arrival time and we will adjust your pick-up. Use a payphone if you don’t have a UK mobile/cell phone. Please do not email on arrival day.

What is my destination airport?

Kirkwall airport (KOI), Orkney.

Where do I start looking for flights from my country? is a useful search engine but there are many other search options as well. We recommend booking on one ticket and with British Airways whereever possible to guarantee continuity of service whilst travelling.

Which airports will I connect through?

Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness all provide connecting flights to Kirkwal (KOI), Orkney and these are all well-connected to the major international airports.

Can I come by ferry?

NorthLink Ferries operate two ferry routes into Orkney, we recommend the Scrabster (Thurso) to Stromness which is a 90-minute crossing by MV Hamnavoe. This is a foot passenger and car ferry.  We will arrange for you to be picked up from Stromness Ferry Terminal and taken to the Centre. The Aberdeen to Kirkwall route is not recommended.

Pentland Ferries is a 1-hour foot passenger and car ferry that operates between Gills Bay (4 miles west of John o’Groats) and St. Margaret’s Hope, South Ronaldsay, Orkney. There is a connecting bus to Kirkwall during the Summer months only. We cannot pick you up from St Margaret's Hope.

John O’Groats Ferries is a 40-minute passenger ferry with connecting bus travel to/from Kirkwall that operates 7 days a week from 1 June to 31 August between John o’ Groats and Burwick, South Ronaldsay. There is a daily EXPRESS BUS operating between Inverness and John o’Groats from 1 June to 31 August. We will arrange for you to be picked up from Kirkwall and taken to the Centre.

How do I get to the North of Scotland?

Inverness is the travel hub to the North of Scotland. Having arrived in Inverness trains and buses will connect you to Thurso, Wick,Gills Bay or John o' Groat for your ferry. The nearest train stations to the ferries are Wick and Thurso, connected by Stagecoach bus, which has limited connections. Bus services run between Inverness to meet most sailings (see links Stagecoach and Citylink), and by Stagecoach. (CityLink have an explorer pass that can save you up to 20% on NorthLink ferries to Orkney). To check which bus route you need for your desired ferry connection, first check the map below to get the route number, then refer to that number on the Timetable pdf.

Bus route map

busroute map


Due to restricted bus timetables to Scrabster Pier, you are advised to pre-book a local taxi to take you from Thurso train station to Scrabster Ferry terminal (1 ½ miles). Try Harbour Taxis 01847 892868 or Ormlie Taxis 01847 893434.

Are there Car Hire/Letting companies in Orkney?

Yes, you can make enquiries and bookings direct with the following local companies:

What should I do once I have booked my travel?

Once you have your travel arrangements in place please complete the Travel Details form and forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We shall then coordinate your pick-up and departure arrangements.

What information is required for my booking?

See compulsory information needed in your profile 

- summary of training background

- your personal details are required for invoicing 

- your dietary requirements

- emergency contact details

Remember your username and password so you can re-enter the site and update any details at a later date.

What food is provided and within the workshop fee?

Mealtimes are communal. Lunch and dinner are cooked by our own chef.

Breakfast – Bread, cereal, local eggs, milk, cheeses, cold meats and yogurt

Lunch – Home-made soup, bannocks, cheeses, cold meats

Dinner –Main course and dessert,

Herbal and black teas, juices and coffee (decaf options) are available at all times. 

A fruit bowl is available all day. 

We cater for dietary considerations including the following: gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and lactose intolerant. We regret to say that we are unable to accommodate more complex dietary requirements.

If further information is required we are happy to discuss, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Are the facilities accessible in a wheelchair?

The entire Centre is on ground level. Concrete paths provide access outside with independent ramps available where necessary.  The studio and living area has a wheelchair accessible toilet/shower area and the accommodation has a wheelchair accessible room, with en-suite.

Does the Centre have WIFI?

You will have access to Wi-Fi in your rooms, within the Bothy area only. Please be aware that the broadband connection in Orkney may not be at the level of speed and reliability to which you are accustomed! We advise that you plan and choose to be as ‘unplugged’ as possible while you are here.

Is there a good mobile (cell) phone signal?

The mobile (cell) reception is limited in Orkney and at the Centre. There is intermittent coverage and you may need to take a short walk to find a stronger signal.

What is the weather like and what clothes should I pack?

Orkney's weather may be a little cooler than you are used to at home so please remember to pack woollens, plenty of base layers and a waterproof jacket. Also some comfortable walking shoes, hat and scarf will equip you for getting out and about for walks and sight-seeing.