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'In a Manner of Speaking' podcast

Paul Meier discusses 'Voice and Speech' with Kristin, In a Manner of Speaking . Each monthly podcast 'tackles a different topic related to the spoken word'. His various guests include 'renowned linguist David Crystal, indigenous-speech expert Eric Armstrong, Audie Award-winning audiobook narrators Tavia Gilbert and Julia Whelan, and renowned dialect coaches and designers Jim Johnson and Amy Stoller'.

Paul describes Kristin as a 'towering figure in the world of voice and speech training'.

May - Episode 16 (Voice and Speech)

'Paul Meier is a dialect coach for theatre and film; a voice-over artist with many commercials and audio books to his credit; and a theatre professor specializing in voice, speech, accents and dialects, and heightened text. Paul also works with clients on accent reduction'. You can find out more about Paul on his website https://www.paulmeier.com/

Introducing the Linklater Voice Method: Freeing the Natural Voice

taught by Judith Shahn

24th - 28th August 2019

Fortelza, Ceara, Brazil

For more details email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The first warm-up  of 2019 in Bragi's Space (the amphitheater).  Intrepid teacher trainees. A windless day  -  after a week of gales. Bragi  -  the Norse God of Eloquence and Poetry. Orkney - eloquent with a sweep of hills, loch, cliffs and sea under shining, shifting clouds. An abundance of stimuli.


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Howie Firth thanks Kristin for the 3-day Public Speaking workshop she has just completed with the 8 Young People who will chair this year's Orkney Science Festival. "A thank-you for the training you did with the group. They are energised and inspired and focused on working as a team to chair and introduce all the events in the Festival programme.

This is going to give the Festival a massive boost for this year and for the future, providing us with a fresh new look and enabling us to draw on the talents of these eight outstandingly able young people."

Frontiers Magazine

Orkney International Science Festival 2018